Principles & Practices

I find great meaning and joy in helping people define and present their unique value to employers, as well as in supporting them with trying to realize a stronger sense of purpose and greater career fulfillment. In my work with clients, I am guided by the following principles and practices:

Client centered. I completely respect each client’s investment in my services and honor this decision with all of the seriousness that it deserves. Because of this, I strive to deliver exceptional value with each document or service that I provide to help clients secure interviews, job offers and ultimately increased career satisfaction.

Integrity bound. Prior to beginning a project, I outline all aspects of my service approach from start to finish. Once a project is underway, I encourage clients to ask questions at any point in the process to ensure their complete satisfaction. Simply stated, I say what I will do and I do what I say.

Quality focused. My minimum quality standard is that I am not satisfied with any document until my clients are completely satisfied. In addition, I strive to go beyond what is minimally expected to delight clients by providing extra value and a superior overall level of quality.

Deadline responsive. I fully understand that pursuing job opportunities is inherently time sensitive. Consequently, I make every effort to complete each client project within the time frame originally specified.

Respectful. I greatly value the opinions and wishes of clients. What is more, I work with them in a friendly, relaxed and yet attentive way to help put them at ease, as I understand that sometimes there is risk and vulnerability involved in sharing career goals and experiences with a service provider.

Professional. The information that clients provide to me is held in the strictest confidence. I will never disclose personal information or work-related or other background details with anyone.

Purpose supportive. I believe that each individual I serve has a unique purpose in life and there is a reason for their career choice and path. With each client engagement that I undertake, I am hopeful that the insights, strategy and services that I offer will lend added clarity to the client’s understanding of their sense of purpose and strengths.

Continual learner. Like all fields, the two constants in the career services area are change and learning. Rather than attempt to control change, though, my goal is to embrace it, learn from it, and allow it to transform how I work to better serve clients.

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