Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I use your services?

    In working with clients, I use a friendly, conscientious approach that blends creativity and language facility, strategic thinking, and a sincere willingness to listen. As a result, I have been consistently recognized for my ability to do the job right the first time in providing relevant, compelling deliverables that engage and resonate with audiences. In general, I am a cheerful, diligent wordsmith and problem solver, , and I find joy in helping people who want to make a difference or offer something of genuine value to the world. If you hire me, I can promise that you will receive my very best effort, and that I will respect and honor your thoughts and objectives at all times. Please see What Clients Are Saying (related to my copy, content and publishing services) or Client Reviews (regarding my career services) to learn about responses to my work.

  • What happens when I call for an initial consultation or quote?

    There is no charge for an initial consultation as this is my opportunity to learn about your needs and goals and to determine if there is a fit between us. If you like what you hear during the course of our discussion, I will be happy to provide you with a quote, a time frame for delivery, and related information.



  • What is your method for setting fees?

    In general, I compete on value not on price. Regarding my career communication services, Because I offer clients extensive experience across many occupations and industries as well as personalized, highly accessible service that is backed by continual research of the latest trends affecting job seekers, I charge fees that I believe fairly reflect the value that I provide. For more information, see Pricing where you will find specific fees on a tiered basis for resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and interviewing assistance. Other deliverables are quoted on an individual basis.

    Fees for my services in the areas of marketing, publicity and book manuscript development are all quoted on an individual basis as there are many elements that come into play in providing a quote. In general, I am frequently told by clients that my fees are very competitive, and I would invite you to contact me for a quote or for more information if you are the least bit curious or interested in a particular service as I do not charge for an initial consultation

  • Do you guarantee results?

    I cannot guarantee market performance or career results as there are simply too many factors beyond my control. If you are not satisfied at any point in the process after enlisting my services, please let me know why and I will do what it takes to make things right. My overriding concern is each client’s complete satisfaction with my services.


  • If I decide to use your services, will the information that I provide to you be kept confidential?

    Absolutely. The information that you share with me over the course of a project will be held in the strictest confidence at all times.


  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    I accept checks or cash, as well as online payments through PayPal (bank account or credit card) or Zelle (bank account).


  • Do you meet with clients in person or do you handle all communications by phone or email?

    Because many of my clients are located outside of my immediate geographic area, I communicate with them over the phone and through email. For Wisconsin clients seeking career communications assistance, I will sometimes meet with them in person for an initial discussion when desired and when it is convenient or practical to do so. For organizations and other clients within and outside of my geographic area, I will sometimes make arrangements for onsite visits depending on their interest and other factors.


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