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Serving subject matter experts, brand stewards and other clients

As a writer and editor working across the print and digital landscape, I help subject matter experts, brand stewards and other clients with creating and refining copy, content and narrative works for marketing, publicity and publishing objectives, as well as for career needs. In assisting clients, I have been recognized for bringing strategic thinking, creativity and sound editorial judgment in delivering work that resonates with audiences.

Offering relevant, engaging solutions for career and business opportunities

I have more than 20 years of experience assisting clients across numerous industries and employment sectors, and I provide services that include:

  • Re-energizing brands by bringing fresh thinking and vision for various initiatives including product launches and business startups.
  • Developing and rolling out publicity campaigns, including both media and end user news distribution, to help clients gain visibility as well as improved top of mind presence and thought leadership positions.
  • Preparing white papers, case studies, presentations and other marketing tools to support sales cycles involving complex products and services.
  • Transforming technical details into more accessible content and copy to engage a wider range of audiences.
  • Creating distinctive resumes, LinkedIn profiles and other tools to help job seekers and career professionals define their unique value.
  • Using proven strategies and techniques that have helped many clients secure interviews and job offers; especially experienced at assisting individuals with career changes and transitions.
  • Providing in-depth knowledge of grammar and mechanics as an editor and proofreader; valued by clients for applying a keen eye for detail and a perceptive editing touch; well versed in many aspects of Associated Press, Chicago and Gregg styles.

“Tim Solinger is a quintessential professional and a most talented writer. As the leader of a successful consulting firm, I maintain the very highest levels of service, responsiveness and professionalism, and expect the same from my marketing partners. In every instance, Tim has exceeded my expectations in this regard, and has provided a level of professionalism and commitment that has become all too rare in business today. In addition, he is a warm and sincere person who clearly and unequivocally places his clients’ interests first and who actively seeks out “win win” solutions to client challenges. He has been an absolute delight to work with.”

Gary A. Schmidt, CFP
Managing Director
International Presentation Institute

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Tim Solinger

Time for a new direction?

New directions, new opportunities, new beginnings – I help clients with a wide range of career and business communication needs. I can assist you with creating copy or content to support you in pursuing your particular objective, whether you are seeking to advance your career, position yourself as a thought leader, attract more media attention, launch a business or product, publish a book, or achieve other another goal.

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