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√ Increase their ability to secure interview requests and job offers

In one sense, navigating a job search or a career is not too unlike navigating the open water on a sailboat. When sailing, it is important to understand what you can’t control (the weather and elements) vs. what you can (your boat, your equipment and your preparation). With a job search, it is equally important to know what you can’t control (employer responses) vs. what you can (your preparation – especially with such essentials as your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and interviewing skills). Regarding either pursuit, the key is to identify your direction or goal and then manage the variables that will affect your ability to realize it.

Do you find yourself continually submitting your resume and cover letter and never receiving any feedback? Let alone interview requests? Or, do you spend time endlessly tweaking your resume and cover letter, or thinking of tweaking your resume and cover letter, but getting nowhere? I help clients who are fed up with “digging deeper and deeper” and not getting results or making progress with their career goals. If you are ready to consider another perspective or approach, I would welcome an opportunity to have a conversation with you.

Over the years, I have worked with a wide range of clients that include professionals, managers, executives and members of the skilled trades. Regardless of the particular client, each one has come to me with a similar need: to get help with defining and organizing their key strengths and experiences to present a compelling picture of value to employers.

As a writer and consultant, I assist clients with goals and situations that include advancement opportunities, career changes (both within and across industries and employment sectors) and overcoming periods of unemployment as result of layoffs or other circumstances. I also help business owners and entrepreneurs with needs that include marketing and content development.

If you would be interested in exploring possibilities for presenting your strengths and experiences in a way that optimally aligns with an employer’s interests, I would be happy to speak with you. I can promise you a friendly, no-obligation, productive discussion in which I will honestly talk to you about your needs and objectives and how I may be able to help you.

“In my job search since sending out the resume you created for me, I have had three job interviews and yesterday I received a solid job offer that I will be accepting. I wanted to let you know that I am beyond pleased with the resume you prepared, as I feel it showcases my career history and skills well. People who I have shown my resume to think it looks great. What I paid for your service was well worth the value I received.”

L.N., Stevens Point, WI

“Tim Solinger is a quintessential professional and a most talented writer. As the leader of a successful consulting firm, I maintain the very highest levels of service, responsiveness and professionalism, and expect the same from my marketing partners. In every instance, Tim has exceeded my expectations in this regard, and has provided a level of professionalism and commitment that has become all too rare in business today. In addition, he is a warm and sincere person who clearly and unequivocally places his clients’ interests first and who actively seeks out “win win” solutions to client challenges. He has been an absolute delight to work with.”

Gary A. Schmidt, CFP
Managing Director
International Presentation Institute

In working with career professionals, I assist clients across a wide range of employment fields, including healthcare, government, education, IT, financial services, manufacturing, construction, and transportation and logistics, as well as the fine arts and other traditionally creative areas. My services include resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, portfolios, bios, personal statements and interview coaching.

When it comes to assisting clients with career and business needs, here are just a few areas where I can help:

Career beginnings. I assist individuals who are getting started in their careers (including those fresh out of college or younger) with creating resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, as well as with other documents and services as needed.

Career advancement. I help clients prepare compelling, well-crafted documents that clearly indicate career growth, demonstrate value and align with employer requirements. I am also experienced at helping clients show their ability to think creatively in solving problems or in finding innovative solutions to new challenges and opportunities – traits that employers continue to seek in building their workforces according to recent surveys.

Career changes. According to the latest research, people on average change careers as many as 5-7 times over their lives. Is there a career change or transition on your horizon? I have extensive experience helping clients pursue new career directions by reworking their resumes and LinkedIn profiles using fresh approaches so their value can be quickly understood and appreciated by employers in different industries.

Career challenges. As the saying goes, sometimes “bad things happen to good people.” Layoffs, terminations, healthcare challenges are just a few. When we encounter misfortune, the issue quickly moves from the fact that it happened to how are we going to respond. I am experienced at assisting clients in difficult career situations with new tools – such as a reworked resume or different resume versions for multiple career directions – to enable them to move forward.

New directions at retirement. Retiring after a full career is a tremendous milestone, but it can also be a doorway to yet another phase of life. Is there a new career, volunteer activity or other direction that you are contemplating but are unsure about how to proceed? I can help you sort out and organize your skills and experiences in a relevant and impactful way to increase your ability to connect with employers.

Business marketing. As an experienced copy and content writer and editor, I assist small business owners, entrepreneurs and other clients with developing brand-differentiated messaging for startups, rebrandings, product launches and other needs.

Book manuscript development. In my work as a book editor specializing in nonfiction, I am experienced in all phases of manuscript development – from thematic considerations and content organization on the front end to indexing and proofreading on the back end. In addition, I bring a perceptive editing touch and balanced guidance to developing manuscripts, and I know how to provide thoughtful feedback in a supportive, encouraging way while fully respecting each client’s vision and stylistic practices.

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Tim Solinger

Ready to help you make a great first impression

My core motivation is helping clients define and differentiate their unique strengths and experiences so they can achieve their goals by better engaging with audiences. Whether your objective is to obtain interview requests and job offers, increase sales and market penetration, or attain some other outcome, I would be delighted to work with you. If you are interested in making a great first impression to “open more doors” for more opportunities, I would love to have a conversation about how my services can be of value to you.

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